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Foothills Gateway Board Meetings

Typically, all Foothills Gateway Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., except for the Annual and March Board meeting, which is held on the first Tuesday of March.

Foothills Gateway, Inc. strives to meet all requirements and intents of the Colorado “Open Meetings” law and in that endeavor provides the following list of regularly scheduled meetings involving the FGI Board of Directors. Changes in dates and additional meetings and events may be scheduled from time to time and interested parties should check the website frequently for changes, or call 970.226.2345 or email for more information or more detailed meeting schedules and agendas

The Foothills Gateway Board of Directors respects the individuals and families with whom we work, our community, our employees, and our role as a board and welcomes input from the public. We expect everyone to respect one another and the differing opinions that may occur. Please view the Guidelines for Public Comment at meetings

Foothills Gateway Board of Directors

I.T. Director presents to Board of Directors at Foothills Gateway
IT Director, Paul Liptak, presents to the board on cyber security and steps his team takes to keep Foothills Gateway safe.

The Board of Directors of Foothills Gateway, Inc. currently consists of 13 members of the Larimer County community, each with their own unique talents and abilities. The Board of Directors sets the direction of the Corporation by creating a mission statement and goals. Additionally, the Board establishes policies, monitors the utilization of resources, and assures effective planning is in place to accomplish goals that are consistent with the mission.

Board Members

Tracy Katz
Mark Durand
Linda Drees
John Haley
Mikel Zimmerman
Amanda O'Hayre
Romie Tobin
Doris "Punkie" Whitely
Vice President
Carol Morris
Steve Dandaneau
Heather Hmieleski
Nancy Kepner

If you have a question or comment for all of our Board Members, you can email the entire board at

If you are interested in becoming a candidate to the Foothills Gateway, Inc. Board of Directors, please fill out a Board Member Application and mail or fax to Foothills Gateway. Additionally, please review the New Board Member Packet as this information is given to all new board members and may be helpful when considering the Foothills Gateway Board of Directors.

Fiscal and Property Management Meetings

The Fiscal and Property Management Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval of annual operating budget, quarterly financial reports, long range financial planning and the annual financial audits. In addition, the Fiscal and Property Management Committee monitors the condition of physical assets and recommends budgetary funding of repairs, improvements, and replacements as required. Meeting dates are identical to the board meeting dates with a 6:00p.m. start time. View the current list of meeting dates.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee monitors the organization’s programs and services and insures that they are consistent with the Mission Statement and the organization’s purpose. View the current list of meeting dates.

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee discusses and plans around local, state, and federal issues. This committee has been charged with reviewing legislative issues that affect individuals with disabilities, Foothills Gateway, and our community. The Legislative Strategy Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon at Foothills Gateway. View the current list of meeting dates.

Joint Resource Committee

The Joint Resource Committee is comprised of members from both the Foothills Gateway, Inc. and the Foothills Gateway Rehabilitation Center Charitable Foundation Trust Boards. Its purpose is to coordinate, develop and undertake long-range fund development planning; assist in the review of existing policies and the development of new policies relative to the solicitation and acceptance of donations and fund development; and review of existing fund raising events and developing plans for new fund raising activities. View the current list of meeting dates.

Other Advisory Committees

  • Family Support Services Council
  • Human Rights Committee
  • Larimer County Interagency Coordinating Council
  • Resource Allocation Committee

Foothills Gateway Administration

Debbie Lapp
Chief Operating Officer - Case Management
Erin Eulenfeld
Chief Operating Officer - Services
Debbie Klein
Chief Administrative Officer

View the current 2019-20 Agency Calendar to see Board Meeting dates and holiday closures.